You prefer to be honored with a cold Coke from time to time? The standard portions (bottles of 0.5ml; can of 0.33 ml) are to big for your refreshing appetite? This problem is solved, since Coca-Cola Great Britain has recently introduced a new slimline 250ml can across Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero lines.

The brand’s decision to launch the first new can size for 20 years is driven by two factors – health concerns and the fact that people simply did not have as much money to spend. This new can will contain about 105 calories, compared to 139 for a traditional one.

The new can gives consumers an additional options on terms of calories and portion size.

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Jon Woods, General Manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland pointed out that the brand has always been striving to ”listen” the customer’s needs, taking into account the fact that the affordability is high on the agenda for many British shoppers. “It also forms part of our ongoing commitment to provide the people who enjoy our drinks with greater choice in terms of calories and portion size, supporting our goal of helping to promote greater awareness of energy balance in diets across the UK.”

The company also announced that it was taking further actions to implement the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal Calorie Reduction Pledge, to which Coca-Cola was an early signatory.