Just when we thought that every possible thing in this world has been done or recycled in some creative way, an agency comes along and boldly pumps in one those ideas which makes you think “Why haven’t I thought of this before?” Such was the case with Regina, an European kitchen towel brand, which, together with OgilvyAction Düsseldorf, have created a set of very special coffee mugs to be used for promotional purposes at this year’s Markant Trade Fair in Germany.

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With the idea that business deals usually go better over a cup of coffee, the brand’s coffee mugs excelled at advertising a product that’s indirectly connected with coffee and mugs – paper towels. The secret of the mugs is the embedded Regina logo on the bottom, so when coffee gets spilled, the liquid fills in the gaps and forms a coffee stain in the form of the brand’s logo. Logically, Regina’s paper towels were used to clean up the mess, cleverly argumenting the marketing stunt, a stunt which appears to be worked very well as the brand was the talk of day and it closed 20% more business deals than anticipated. All in all, it was a simple gimmick that did the job brilliantly. Check out the video below prepared by OgilvyAction to see the mugs in action:

Advertising Agency: OgilvyAction, Düsseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Martin Seele
Senior Art Director: Simon Goebel
Art Director: David Klenner
Client Service Director: Werner Hesse-Quack
Copywriters: Jessica Branke, Mike Bayfield

Head of Project Management: Hanna von Schultz
Awards Coordinator: Toma Soare
Sound Design / Recording: Sprachlabor Audioproduktionen
Video support: Christian Kampschroer / Cilia Images
Promotional item production: Dick Lion / Lion & Lion