Long live spontaneity! You could say that this is one of the basic guiding principle of the Heineken brand which has introduced yet another innovative campaign called the “Departure Roulette”, a game-show-style board that provides the ability to passengers of New York’s JFK airport to change their primary destination to a random one. By simply pushing a button on a display in the airport’s lobby, the participants are engaged in a unique challenge-a journey into the unknown.

The first lucky participant was Greg Vosits, a doctoral student in educational psychology at the University of Connecticut, who instead of traveling to Vienna ended up flying out to Cyprus for two nights with paid accommodation and $2,000 to cover the expenses. Sounds tempting, doesn’t  it?

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Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director emphasized that campaign underscores Heineken’s brand promise of delivering great adventures: “This summer, in a variety of exciting ways, Heineken is proving the theory that every man has a legendary traveler inside of him by dropping men from all over the world into an environment unlike anything they’ve ever seen.”

The game is a part of a new campaign called “Dropped” which was executed in collaboration with the agency Wieden+Kennedy New York. The campaign focuses on four young men who were sent to remote destinations to film their daily adventures. These episodes will premiere on Heineken.com and YouTube on July 22nd. Heineken has recently also debuted a new TV commercial called “The Voyage”, a part of the brand’s campaign debut.

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