It has become really tricky for brands to find out new ways to sell their products. They have to animate consumers, appreciate them and make them feel very special. The product is important of course, but the question is – does the brand have anything else to offer?

Budweiser’s Made for Music campaign started off on July 10th, with an impressive agenda. The heart of this campaign is Budweiser’s strive to become a better storyteller, teaming up with Facebook and VICE to make a memorable campaign.

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This campaign uses Facebook as a distribution platform and the primary goal is to connect with 10 million Facebook fans through music. Beer and music go well together, but this campaign is not about filming a couple of videos with a bunch of people dancing around and drinking Bud. No, it sells content and style.

During this Buds marketing journey, content will be distributed in videos that deal with crucial points in artists carriers, tours, songs – in other words they will feature artist’s career stories, music and lives. Here’s the teaser video published on July 17th.

There is a lot of other things coming up on Budweiser’s agenda. Stay tuned!