There are countless advertising efforts that are aimed at coffee consumers. Coffee is truly an inspiration, but this new campaign by South African company Douwe Egberts is well built around a very simple idea – you have a need for coffee when you are tired, and when you yawn.

With the assistance of global communications group Joe Public, Douwe Egberts can boast with its Bye Bye Red Eye campaign. First, they mapped a place were people are tired the most – the airport in Johannesburg; then, they installed a Douwe Egberts coffee machine with a face recognition software built-in. This particular software awaits customers and their yawns and when it catches up on them, it delivers great-tasting coffee.

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With customers delighted and amused at the same time, this special coffee machine doesn’t have a coin slot even though everyone was searching for it. Check it out, below – just yawn and enjoy!

Agency: Joe Public
Art Director: Freda Raubenheimer
Copywriter: Jeanine Vermaak
Agency Producer: Debbie Miller
Producers: London Models

Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais
Software Developer: Neil Hoy
Client Service: Nina Kohler
Media Strategist: Jodi Calvert