The Internet is a sea of ideas, memes and cats. Cats, in particular. Keeping in mind that we are constantly online with our mobile gadgets, what could be better for a business plan than to take an Internet meme and transform it into a brand? Well, when the meme is also a cat, then nothing. It’s a definite score!

With that, we would like to introduce a new bottled coffee drink that has now landed at our doorstep – the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. It plans to knock us all off our feet with its three flavors:  Mocha, coffee and vanilla. The tagline speaks in classic meme tongue stating, “It’s awfully good.” Therefore, we must try it – when it becomes available in supermarkets, that is.

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To stay hip and on-trend, you might want to drop your email off at their website and the Grumpy Cat crew will let you know once this premium coffee becomes available for purchase.

In terms of branding, this move is quite intriguing. Should we consider this some kind of “copycat” branding, since it is using an Internet meme on a package or a brilliant marketing catch instead? Just think about the vast audience that will be interested in buying Grumppuccino because of its previous viral strength. Is this a new cheat sheet that comes from branding and marketing? Will others follow the same example and overcrowd global markets with meme-branded products?

Well, while we hope not, we might still give Grumppuccino a try!