ABSOLUT Vodka together with The Brand Union have redesigned its entire range of flavored vodkas. As one of the most dramatic changes the brand has ever made, somewhat resembling the designs of ABSOLUT Unique, the goal of this bold redesign was to give consumers distinctive designs that are unlike anything we have ever seen.

Driven by the standard thought that a fruit flavored product should carry a picture of a fruit on its packaging, ABSOLUT wanted to contradict the norms and show the energy behind the fruit instead of the fruit itself. As Anna Kamjou, Global Design Director at ABSOLUT commented that they wanted to break that convention: “We asked our design team to reach into the symbolism and myths tied to the ingredients to find each flavor’s core essence — and then amplify that essence through art.”

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The designers at ABSOLUT simply interpreted each flavor’s essence; following a tradition of Swedish design and craftsmanship, they set out to make the new designs with paper pens and brushes instead of computers, giving us an extraordinary and unique result. As Jonas Tåhlin, VP Global Marketing at The Absolut Company commented: “They [the new bottles] are modern, artistic and unlike anything else on the market.”

Do you agree? Also, check out more photos of the new designs, here.

Photos: Absolut

Design Agency: The Brand Union
Creative Director: Mattias Lindstedt
Executive Strategy Director: Jonas Andersson
Global Design Director, The Absolut Company: Anna Kamjou
Global Design Manager, The Absolut Company: Caroline Mörnås