That art in public is not just the shabby phrase or empty words on paper has been proven with the latest British national project named ART EVERYWHERE, which represents 57 famous artworks that marked the British art history in the past decades.  The famous pieces of art have replaced advertisements on more than 22,000 billboards, bus stops and city lights across the country. The largest public exhibition is opened today and will last until August 25th, making art accessible to those who otherwise wouldn’t normally go to art galleries or museums.

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The project is a result of collaboration between the institutions Art Fund and Tate, Richard Reed, and was made possible with the help of many partners who financially supported the project. The public had a double function in this project: they crowd-funded over £ 30,000 to help make it happen and also played the role of the curators by choosing their favorites pieces from a long list of great works from all UK public collections.

The main goal of the project is to make art part of the everyday life and thus sensitize the public and encourage them to visit galleries or art shows. ART EVERYWHERE has united artists, media owners and advertising moguls in order to promote and celebrate British art. However, BBC has initiated one serious dilemma: should be art located in a hectic and tense everyday life, or is it to enjoy in galleries-a refuges from the pressures of the modern world?

Photos: Art Everywhere Project / Facebook