Drive-ins are an important part of the American culture – they have always been a place for family and friends to gather; but all drive-ins are expected to switch to digital projectors until the end of 2013, because costs are sky-high – up to $75,000 per screen.

Due to these facts, Honda is launching Project Drive-In, striving to save as much drive-ins as it possibly can. This national campaign aims interested individuals to help in preservation of the drive-in culture, under the slogan An American icon is vanishing. We can help save it., at the same time showing that Honda appreciates American cultural values.

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Project Drive-In invites interested individuals to raise awareness by sharing this initiative on social networks in order for more people to see it and participate. Honda is giving 5 digital projectors to selected drive ins, and the selection is based on voting that started on 9th August and is open until September 9th. Individual contributions are also an option, with the money going straight to the fund for the salvation of drive-in theaters.