The world’s most popular beverage brand launched the new product Coca-Cola Life, the first Coke to be flavored with the natural sweetener stevia. The low-calorie cola has approximately 50% less calories than regular Coke. Stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a species of plants native to South America, Central America and Mexico, is sweeter than sugar but has no calories. The product is is currently available only in Argentina.

“The soda is the latest example of our global commitment to offer more reduced-, low- and no-calorie options.” Rosalyn Kenned, a Coca-Cola representative,  pointed out. The new product comes, of course,  in its new packaging – the iconic red label is replaced with a green one with the mark “Life” on it. The Eco-friendly PlantBottle consists of up to 30% recycled natural materials, and is lighter than a regular PET bottle. The agency behind the new packaging is the Seattle-based Platform.

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Speaking about Eco-friendly, similarly, in Columbia the brand recently released a new bottle made entirely of ice. Since it melts after the coke is consumed, there is nothing left to throw away or recycle.

Images: The Dieline

What do you think about all these new ecological innovations? And will the green bottle, different from the iconic red, encourage or discourage customers? Tell us your thoughts.