Suing bears for stealing honey? This must be some kind of a silly joke, right? Well, you are wrong… sort of. Jim Bean has launched a new campaign for Jim Beam Honey, the newest product in the brand’s portfolio which combines vanilla, oak and caramel with sweet honey.

The humorous campaign dubbed “Sue the Bears” aims to protect the bee product from the the ravenous bears. In the one minute video we are introduced with a fictional character from the popular TV show Seinfeld, the attorney Jackie Chiles, who agreed to “sue” the bears for their devastating love for honey.

Along with the humorous part of the campaign, the brand is also playing with one of America’s burning environmental problem called ”Colony Collapse Disorder”. According to the media reports, the number of bees is extensively reduced in the recent years. In order to help solving the current bee issue, the brand will donate $100 (up to $25,000) to the Pollinator Partnership, the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to the protection of pollinators for each tweet sent using the #suethebears hashtag.