Apple logo. Image:

Artist Li Lihong explores the cultural clashes of the east and west. Through sculptures, created using traditional ceramic techniques and Chinese iconography, the artist transforms logos of western big brands into traditional Chinese art.

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Li Lihong creates sculpture that acknowledges global change in the twenty-first century: “His porcelain sculptures mimic the shapes of recognizable brands’ logos: McDonald’s arches, Absolut vodka bottles, Mickey Mouse ears and Apple’s apple. The implication is clear: Western business has become integrated into Chinese culture.” Lihong writes on his Facebook page.

What do you think of this cultural exploration through big brands? Check out more work from Lihong, here.

Coca-Cola bottles. Image:
McDonald’s logo. Image: Facebook/Li Lihong
Mickey Mouse & MTV. Image: Facebook/Li Lihong
Apple & Red Cross logo. Image: Facebook/Li Lihong
Absolut Vodka bottles. Image: Facebook/Li Lihong