After launching personalized bottles earlier this year, Coca-Cola continues to push the boundaries of their marketing efforts. This time, In Israel, the soft drink company with agency Gefen Team, used 3D printers as a part of a campaign to promote new smaller-sized serving bottles of Coke.

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The “Mini Me” campaign invited fans to download a Coca-Cola app to create mini figurines of themselves, pick out outfits, objects and backgrounds. In order to get their 3-D replicas, fans had to participate in a small competition. They had to feed and take care of their ”mini me” versions just like like the popular Japanese digital pet, Tamagotchi. Winners were rewarded by visiting the Coca-Cola factory and having their bodies scanned for the production of their very own 3D printed figurines.

Stressing the utilization of new technologies to increase brand awareness a Coca-Cola representative said that At the end of the day we gave them a special little gift but also a personal experience they will remember forever”.