Milka, a Mondelez International sub-brand, invites its French customers in their latest campaign dubbed “Dare to be tender”,  to share values like togetherness and welfare and make them come alive. This ambitious communication campaign makes French people face a rather cornelian choice. For the sake of the promotion of the core message, Milka was willing to change the entire production process with all the cost and the production impact this means. But you must be wondering what makes the campaign so unique and different?

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The creative agency Buzzmen has managed to persuade the brand’s marketing leaders to change the appearance of the product by removing the sweetest part of the chocolate – the last square. Customers were invited to either save the last piece for themselves or to show generosity and love by sending it to someone they really care about. Those who choose to give their last square to a loved one will be able to do so complete with a personalized message a microsite the brand has set up.

Take a look at the video below and be aware of this words: dare to be tender.