After it’s pretty neat 30 Days of Change campaign in which Yahoo! used an alternative logo every day in order to count down to its actual new logo, the result that we’ve been waiting for is disappointing, to say the least.

Yahoo! unveiled its new logo at midnight last night. A new, more intense shade of purple is now used, despite the recognizability of the original one; the serif and whimsical letters were toned down and replaced by a typeface based on a design by Hermann Zapf from the 1950s called Optima; and a strong shadow effect was added, making the logo look like its place is in the digital world, only 10 years back.

As AdAge reports, Yahoo CMO Kathy Savitt commented that “This represents a significant evolution of the logo,” while Yahoo SVP-brand creative Bob Stohrer said the design team’s aim was to create a logo that was “sophisticated with a wink.” Yahoo wanted the new logo, designed by an in-house team at the company, to stay true to its roots – to be whimsical, purple, and feature the exclamation point – yet embrace the evolution of its products. Ms. Savitt added that: “You’ll notice a chisel to our logo that’s very architectural. What we’re saying is our logo is the foundation upon which our brand and products and user experience will continue to be built.”

Ahead of it’s rebrand though, Yahoo! rolled out a redesign of some of its platforms, like Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Music, and Yahoo! Weather. The new look will soon be given to all of Yahoo!’s properties – aiming to make the experience for users more personal, consistent and engaging – but how will the designs be consistent with the new logo is yet to be seen. Maybe even the 99designs alternative Yahoo! logo winner would be a better match.

It will be interesting to see how the trending “flat” design used in the websites will be combined with the archaic looking logo. The “flat” design is an ongoing major trend, and you can read about what it means for brands in our Premium Issue – coming out this week – but until then, tell us what you think about this interesting combination. Also, check out all 30 logos from 30 Day of Change as well more of the new logo, including a blueprint:

Update: Marissa Mayer explains “what the **** happened” to the new logo at TechCrunch Disrupt:

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