Have you wondered what it would be like if traditional ads adapted to the very nature they were placed? Walk the streets of Paris and this nuance is coming to life. French fashion and mail order brand La Redoute has been running a very unique display campaign that adapts to weather.

Fashion is marketed in lines that correspond to seasons and temperature. With this in mind, the brand created a series of billboards displaying items that relate to the current temperature. For example, when it gets cold the model on the billboard is covered in warmer attire. When hot, the model loses some layers for more appropriate garments. How do the billboards work? Each display is fitted with rain and temperature sensors that track the changes in weather instantly. These indicators are the brains that drive the product visuals consumers see.

In light of the modern digital ad delivery on computers and mobile devices, this type of advertising breathes new life into traditional advertising.

See the campaign visuals here: