These days Microsoft’s search engine is trying on its new identity. Based on first impression, it seems like all those years of struggling to overtake Google brought out a bit of maturity and gave Bing much needed edge.

Striving to fit in with the rest of the visual makeover – introduced by the company’s outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year, the new logo, with a symbol that resembles a stylish “b” as the most striking change, is based on a corporate font Segoe and the color of the lower-right quadrant of the Microsoft’s recognizable flag.

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“From a new logo to an updated color palette, our new identity aligns with the Microsoft family of products while retaining our unique character. With principles and frameworks in hand, we looked at the art. We revisited the current logo and diagnosed what wasn’t working. We looked at the new Microsoft identity and we did hundreds of studies to look at motion, font, color, size and form. We built out mock ads and fictitious billboards to see what was working. From simple evolutions to ridiculous explorations, we learned something in each one. In the end, our new logo was created to be simple, real and direct,” stated Microsoft on Bing’s new website.

Despite the fact that in the previous month, according to comScore, Google controlled 66.9 percent of the search engine market while Bing came second with only 17.9 percent, this ‘loser’ reminded he’s still in the game. So hats off to the enthusiasm.