Intel has cooperated with one of Australia’s famous musicians and artists Harley Streten, known as Flume, and Australian agency The Monkeys (of production company Finch) to create a great music film project called “Intelligent Sounds.” The idea behind this project was to spotlight the powerful Intel processors inside the tablets by showcasing how they are not made just for games, but can also be used in more creative ways.

A “band of tablets” performed Flume’s new track, which was made especially for this occasion, and was led by “Felix, the robot conductor.” This amazing collaboration lasted for two months and included over 2,000 developer hours working across a 10-week deadline. Intel tablets were utilized as instruments themselves and they were programmed to play their particular tune (they all had different roles) after being struck by Felix.

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Flume describes this experiment as being one of the greatest that he has worked on during his career. He couldn’t hide his excitement and said:

I love the challenge of writing music for a particular project and a defined theme. I find working within these boundaries inspires, rather than limits, creativity.

Take a look to see the fun that was had during the development and, of course, to see the end result of this spectacular cooperation.