Absolut Vodka is one of the largest spirit brands in the world; a cosmopolitan in spirit, made for the entire world and with an artistic soul, the brand unveiled yet another original and exciting project. After ABSOLUT UNIQUE from last year, which made every Absolut bottle unique in its own way, we stand in front of another similar artistic achievement — Absolut Originality.

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Honoring its Swedish heritage, inspiration was found in glass craft while the final product is a simple, clear bottle, each one decorated with an original, beautiful blue wave. In the process of bottle making, a drop of cobalt blue was infused in the bottles and remained invisible until the glass cooled down, leaving each bottle with a touch of originality.

Adding a drop of originality to 4 million limited edition bottles, the goal was to capture the soul of Absolut, putting creativity and quality in the spotlight.

For a closer look into the making of Absolut Originality, check out the video below:

Being so artistic, it’s no wonder that Absolut Originality is a true inspiration for artists. Fashion designer Kitty Joseph created a three piece collection and presented it in a short film starring New York based musician Njena Reddd Foxxx:

Absolut Originality even lets you make your own bottle, by adding your own drops of originality. Just visit Addyourdrop.com and you can enter into the prize draw to win a holiday of a lifetime!