How many times have you been wondering how it would be if things could be washed all by themselves? One of the least favorite housework tasks, mainly among the student population, has finally got its magic solution. In Warsaw, Poland, the washing-powder brand Tide has developed one of the first self-cleaning t-shirts.

The idea for the product was created by Leo Burnett, who found that many collage students return home on the weekends with a bunch of dirty clothes—because apparently only moms do laundry. But, how does the t-shirt do the washing job all by itself?

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The front of the t-shirt is printed with a cartoon ‘mom’ character in the background, crying; every tear of the ‘mom’ is made of a special ink infused with Tide washing powder; so the t-shirt simply just needs to be placed in a washing machine. The printed tears will dissolve and wash the load of laundry thus resolving  the ever-lasting problem of adding detergent.

Although this is a temporary way of solving the detergent issue, maybe this amusing stunt will be the perfect motivation for students to learn how to ”use” the washing powder. Check it out, below: