It’s been a year since footwear Geox, recognizing the fact that we are living in times when the word itself isn’t enough, presented an award winning campaign based on their willingness to disprove all of our potential doubts. In order to promote the waterproof Amphibiox shoes, the company teamed up with Norwegian agency SMFB, and once again started a challenging project – seven-day shoes versus rain combat.

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After placing it, for the first time, at the rainiest place in the world – Cherrapunjee village in Northern India, they decided to move the layout back to the city, Barcelona precisely, and try their babies out in an urban environment. Considering how the chosen city is quite a sunny place, the idea was for the main protagonist, a 34-year old Tom, to walk around for seven days with an artificial portable cloud above his head. With the assistance of MediaMonks  production team, the whole experience was captured and preserved from oblivion, including the fact that the only dry spot on Tom those days were his feet.

“The crazy idea of letting one man live in seven days of constant self-made rain was a unique experience. It really is about the difficulties of living under the rain – while our shoes don’t make the rain any easier to live with, what we can offer, is that you will, at least, have dry feet,” explained Richard Holley, Interactive Marketing Manager at Geox.

Charming way of proving they can be trusted.