Are we in love with brands and do we adore branded products that we use on a daily basis? Which brand do we love the most in the world and is that brand a top seller? APCO Worldwide answered all these questions when it published a list consisting of Top 100 Most Loved Companies. APCO conducted a survey encompassing 70,000 customers from 15 the most influential international markets. They determined that love towards brands is caused by eight feeling: understanding, approachability, relevance, admiration, curiosity, identification, empowerment, and pride.

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According to APCO’s list, Walt Disney is the most loved company with Emotional Linking Index of 74.7. Emotional Linking Index comprises consumer ratings on eight fore mentioned emotional dimensions. APCO claims that emotions are what drives consumers to buy and that is why emotions are a key factor that is yet to be used in brand marketing. Yahoo and Google are followed by Sony on the 4th place and Nestle was ranked high on the 5th place. Apple is on the 9th place, which is a real surprise, because they sell attitude along with their products.

This is the time we should all rethink how do we feel when we shop. There are people who target our emotions and there are also those that conduct extensive research, so that they can determine which emotions should they cause in order to make us buy things that we might not need at all. You might be surprised, so try to find the brands that you love in this Top 100 list: