Can you imagine a better way of experiencing the spooky spirit of Halloween other than spending the night in a haunted hotel? The largest brand in the global online accommodation sector,, came up a brilliant idea which enables its users to find their ghostly getaway in one of the haunted hotels all over the U.S.

Paul Hennessy,’s Chief Marketing Officer commented on delivering the experience the consumers want right in time for the holiday: “With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to help travelers better navigate our array of property choices, particularly those inspired by the holiday spirit. We are dedicated to bringing travelers an experience unlike any other regardless of where they stay or how they book.

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The campaign, which bears the tagline “Stay If You Dare” was created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and it includes a scary video for The Queen Anne Hotel (which totally looks like a trailer for horror movie) and a set of seven movie-like posters which were hand-pained by Akiko Stehrenberger. The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco was built in 1890 as Miss Mary Lake’s School For Girls, and today it is known as a cursed hotel, haunted by headmistress herself – Miss Mary. The tale says that her presence is still very much felt in the room 410 where she, supposedly, tucks guests into bed.

W+K executive creative director Mark Bernath commented the campaign: “From The Shining to Psycho, accommodations have played a key role in the cinematic history of horror. (…) It takes a really brave client to make a truly scary advertising campaign – one that I hope will be appreciated by a very specific audience who have already opted into having the daylights scared out of them.

If you are feeling adventurous and daring, visit Booking’s haunted destinations and get yourself a bit of entertainment for the upcoming holiday.