As Halloween is just days away, Toys “R” Us has created a holiday campaign that is already viral all over social networks and traditional media as well. The video is based on a simple prank: kids were fooled to think that they are going on a boring field trip to look at trees (insert yawns here). When they entered the bus, the guide revealed that they are going to another place instead – the Toys “R” Us store. Hidden cameras, which were located on the bus, captured the moment of excitement and enthusiasm of scholars who soon will fulfill their greatest wish: a journey to the toy land.

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Peter Reiner, SVP of marketing for Toys “R” Us indicated the desire is a key component of their newest campaign: “We are that one-stop shop for moms and dads. So we make it easy for them to be the holiday hero.” The video ends up with the hashtag #WishinAccomplished, thus the brand will be increasing the digital spend compering to the past years. “We’ve started using home-page takeovers and much more rich media than we have in the past. We have a 90-second version that is airing exclusively on Facebook and other social channels,” added Reiner.

In order for a brand to draw attention, pranks like these need to be original, funny and, of course, have to stand out from the rest. Toys “R” Us successfully joined the lineup of brands  which use pranking as a form of promotional push. Watch the video below: