It’s always fun to see what brands come up with on certain holidays. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween… they’re all the time of the year when we see just how clever our favorite brands get. So here’s some of our favorite 2013 Halloween brand efforts. Boo!

1. Pepsi

The Belgium-based ad agency Buzz In A Box created a humorous ad for Pepsi, highlighting the brand’s ongoing rivalry with Coca-Cola. With a Pepsi can dressed as a Coke and the tagline “We wish you a scary Halloween”, the ad humorously mocks Pepsi’s biggest competitor.

The ad went viral very quickly, although it supposedly wasn’t a paid ad.

A seemingly unofficial response by Coca-Cola was later posted on 9Gag. Although both ads aren’t (supposedly) real, they’ve generated quite the buzz for both brands:

Next to this, a real Pepsi ad was published as well, promoting “Lil’ Pepsi” – a product not available anywhere or anytime.

2. Bing

Bing’s interactive homepage normally features various scenic landscapes, but this Halloween it payed an interactive homage to iconic horror movies such as The Shining, Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror.

3. FedEx

FedEx let us all know on Twitter that we can ship just about all Zombie Apocalypse survival gears for one flat rate. The brand also gave us a peek at its costume, a spoof of this.

4. Oreo

Oreo also paid homage to classic horror movies via a bunch of scary Vines, with the iconic cookie as the main character. The Spilling, The Exortwist or Milkenstein were some of the clever name variations of the movies. Read more about this campaign, here.

5. Tide Tide went in a similar direction: #ScaredStainless


In order to promote its haunted destinations, – with the help of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam – created a very cool video and poster campaign to promote the scariest destinations you can travel to. Read more about them, here.

7. Lux

Save your skin!

8. Mini

There’s no better place to escape danger than inside a 2013 IIHS:

9. Crest and Oral B

Even though a holiday revolving around getting free candy might not be the most logical choice for a toothpaste marketing campaign, Crest and Oral-B have proven otherwise. Using the fact that most kids trick or treat on Halloween, the brand made a cute ad focusing on their product – and how a bunch of candy is a-okay if you have the right toothpaste by your side.

10. Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups knows that Vampires and Zombies are nothing compared to kids crying crazily:


The Graphic Design Blog recently featured a cute collection of Halloween-styled brand logos. Check them out, here.

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