The Economistinternational news weekly, will take you off your feet with it’s new campaign, even if you thought that was not possible after putting pie charts on pizza boxes only to get Philly students interested in the magazine.

Their designated agency in the US, BBDO launched a campaign with a great sense of humor, a lot of creativity and a branded food truck. If you happen to be in Boston or Philadelphia, look for a red van which reads: “Hot potatoes — The Economist”. Stay in line and wait for your snack, which comes labeled as a current discordant topics which The Economist covers regularly: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, South and North Korean dispute, gay marriage etc.

Let alone the food van, this campaign encompasses outdoor posters featuring binoculars, a globe, a piñata and a Rubik’s Cube. The bar coasters also deliver a powerful message to undecided readers through well-known phrases like “Don’t think alone” and “Be the designated thinker.”

In conclusion, Kara Goodrich, senior VP-senior creative director at BBDO explains the goal of this campaign to AdAge: “Our challenge was to raise awareness by focusing on what sets The Economist apart from other publications — its unique global insight and opinion.”

Images: Best Ads on Tv