Just a couple of months ago, one of the most recognizable fashion brands, Kate Spade, presented the 24-hour shoppable touch-screen store window at Kate Spade Saturday in NYC and thus has shown how good at digital innovations they are. They continued with unpredictability and this time unveiled a new trend in digital: shoppable video ads.

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These days, we want everything to be available right here and right now, and that is exactly what Kate Spade achieved through this digital innovation. As most of people find ads uninteresting, they took an effort to make this one very attractive and striking for the consumers. A seemingly ordinary video ad named “It’s the Glitter Things That Count”, has proven to be useful, along with being tempting.

The ad was created using HTML 5 on Google’s Lightbox ad formats, and it will run over Google’s Display Network. The video ad features clickable items (that are under the video), which allows consumers to purchase items just by clicking on the chosen ones. The one click on the fashion item redirects you to the brand’s website where the purchase can be completed. This way, you save a lot of time used for exploring and searching for the items you saw in the video. You can take a look for the ad in full effect here, as well as check out some of Kate Spade’s fashion items.