Californian animation film studio, Pixar, made some of the most unforgettable animated movies of all time, including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Up and others. However, those are not the only things it will be remembered by.

Back in 2011, Emma Coats, a former Pixar story artist, tweeted 22 pieces of advice (including the basics of storytelling) for creative writing. Little did she know that one day it would become a small treasury of wisdom, a collection of useful guidelines dedicated to anyone who loves to write. The list represents the observations that Emma has made  and things she has learned from her experienced colleagues over her many years at Pixar.

The story was revived when Dino Ignacio posted the list of the rules in his Imgur album, utilizing Walt Disney’s original photos, logo and trademark and assembled them together with Emma’s wise inspirational quotes. Each quote has a properly chosen photo from a particular Pixar movie.

You can see Ignacio’s work below, which may inspire you to find the right meaning of each quote and possibly start a story of your own.

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