Prohibition was, thankfully, abolished 80 years ago. December 5, 1933, is marked as a turning point for the alcohol industry when Utah became the 36th state to approve the 21st Amendment. To celebrate the anniversary of this date, MillerCoors’ Batch launched its Repeal Day campaign including signage, in-store sampling and bar parties at which brand representatives wear historical clothing (such as flapper outfits). In addition,“Repeal Day” is being used to promote the brand’s  Batch 19 lager and bock, made from pre-Prohibition recipes. Considering that certain components are no longer available on the market, some of them (a type of barley, for example) have been found swapped for contemporary substitutions.

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According to Libby Oberpriller Mura, senior marketing director at Tenth and Blake, MillerCoors’ Batch 19 is focused on market expansion across the United States. She states, “We actually are looking to grow this slowly and seed this in markets over time so we can build a long-term, healthy brand that will be around for a long time, very similar to how Blue Moon grew.”

This promotion, which includes a wager offering prize packs of T-shirts, growlers, glasses and metal signs, celebrates the significance of the end of Prohibition, “because without it, you’d be drinking swill.

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