It is no accident that Patron tequila, which is regarded as one of the world’s premium tequila brand, released a limited edition bottle as a great gift idea for the holidays. David Yurman, a famous jeweler who is on the same level of creativity and originality as brand is, has collaborated with Mode Design Group in order to produce beautiful piece of art: a special bottle stopper designed specifically with Patrón Añejo bottle in mind.

Yurman found the inspiration needed in 18th Century Japanese Samurai swords, which he also has a passion for. The unique accessory represents a remarkable two-toned sword which is casted in solid metal and electroplated in gun metal with 24K gold. That the two brands are the perfect match, shows their dedication to details and perfectionism as well as the carving of both logos into the design.

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It was a thrill to work with Patrón on this unique project,” Yurman said. “Throughout time, armor and weapons have represented the highest artistic and technical ability of the artisans who craft them. For me, there is an inseparable parallel between a finely honed weapon and a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry – they are truly one in the same and a natural extension of the work that inspires me.” Patron produces with unmatched attention to detail and this limited edition undoubtedly proves that. The bottle weights 750ml, and it is priced $55.99. It is available while supplies last, so if you want to own one, better hurry up!