Instead of sending out greeting cards, agency Critical Mass shares non other then a holiday cocktail, to celebrate and thank everyone for a great year.

Not only did they make a video of ho to make their signature celebratory cocktail, but a beautiful website as well, explaining its origins and ingredients.

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They say that from the late nights to the jubilation of finding the perfect idea, there’s nothing like the feeling of a pitch: “But once the deadlines have somehow been met and the adrenaline has faded, a warm, unfocused and generally fuzzy feeling takes its place. It doesn’t have a project code but it does have a name: we call it Pitch Fuzz.”

And they liked that feeling so much, they’ve decided to put it in a glass.

Original, fun and distinctive, Pitch Fuzz is certainly a creative way to start the holidays. And a very cool way of sending seasons greetings, I might ad.