Earlier this year, Audi used Edgar Albert Guest’s poem It Couldn’t Be Done as a theme for their marketing campaign promoting the brand’s culture and ingenuity, aka doing things nobody has done before and doing them until they’ve been perfected.

Southern Californian designer Ty Mattson from Mattson Creative came up with an illustrative concept for the same campaign, but targeted toward a different audience:  Children. It Couldn’t Be Done:  An Audi Story is a 28-page book describing the biggest milestones in Audi’s rich history. Obviously, the idea is not to get children to buy Audi vehicles, but to use the brand as an inspiring theme for a children’s book. It is not so much about WHO is being targeted, but WHY. Audi’s brand values are well known as this German car manufacturer made major contributions to the industry during the past 100 years, which is in fact the cornerstone for this book. It is not the cars, but the idea of innovation and consistency that the brand hopes to be motivational for the book’s young audience.

Below is the accompanying commercial mentioned above, where it all began: