After reaching the incredible success of having one of the most viewed commercials in a year we are leaving behind, Molson was encouraged enough to involve the same distinctive red fridge in a new, far more challenging project. This time, in order to infect one of the most inaccessible parts of the world with the spirit and the taste of a true Canadian, brand headed to the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

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Being a hockey-obsessed brand as well as one of the sponsors of the Canadian Olympic committee, they understood the misery a hardcore hockey fan from Ottawa was feeling while being stuck in the middle of nowhere with the Olympics coming. So by sending a satellite dish, his two best friends and a fridge full of beer, they made sure he experiences the authentic home atmosphere and has a time of his life.

“We want it to feel weird, or even wrong, to have another brand of beer in your hand during the Olympics,” said Aaron Starkman, creative director at Rethink – the agency which stands behind the project, and according to The Globe and Mail added: “During the Olympics, you’ll see a lot of flag-waving from brands. We’re trying to do something different to stand out.”

Given this lovable ad represents just a first step of Molson’s Olympic campaign, there is no doubt the journey of a red fridge will be continued. Check out the video below: