Who would have thought that one day we will wear jackets that are able to follow our true enjoyment while we consume chocolate by reacting to our every bite? Well, that’s exactly what a fantastic team of young and innovative people made – a highly digital, interactive and fashionable jacket.

Hirsch & Mann, UK’s creative technology firm, was invited by PR company Golin Harris in order to create unique series of jackets that will respond when the user grabs a bite of Cadbury chocolate. Well, it’s not that jacket emits any real voices (except music), but the one who wears it, will surely be spotted on the street while consuming the chocolate. The Joy Jacket as they called it, is a part of the brand’s Joyville campaign, and comes as a result of combining technology and fashion in one. The jacket was made to react just on two specific tastes – Cadbury + Daim and Cadbury + Oreo, by visualizing the joy of eating chocolate.

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Equipped with Raspberry Pi and Arduino controllers, the jacket’s sensors are able to detect when a user brings chocolate close enough to his mouth and then activates LED lights, which makes you shine like a star. To make it completely crazy, they made outer layer of lower parts of jacket movable and glowing, and as the finishing touch, there are shoulder pop-ups and confetti-like ‘explosion’ at back side of the jacket. To make all of this happen, first you need to put your hands in the pockets, where you’ll supposedly find unwrapped chocolate bars, which further on will activate all the features.

As the founder and director of Hirsch & Mann company, Daniel Hirschmann said, he is convinced that “anybody who puts this jacket on will have pretty extraordinary experience”. We believe Daniel’s words, but also we envy the lucky one who had the job to test this jacket’s technology, meaning – lots of chocolate bars for him!

This jacket may sound like a wearable circus, but in fact it is a very fun to wear:

Alfie and Marcus have tested the jacket in a very unique and funny way, so take a look what they’ve found out about the jacket:

Image: Hirsch & Mann