You must’ve encountered this interactive site through one or more social media channels — it features the story about a major battle that happened during 2013, between flat design and realism.

As soon as you land over at Flat Design vs Realism website, you are instructed to scroll down and enjoy a beautiful storytelling about the two design “kings” — Flat is kind of a “metro” and the other one features a real king, with traditional robe and mustaches. While you are consuming the story, you are slowly introduced into a game where you chose whether you want to be Flat or Realism King and you get to kick other king’s ass! After defeating your opponent, you start wondering if there is more to this site, you continue to scroll down and understand that this great storytelling led you to a New Year’s greeting card.

Congratulations inTacto, you did an impressive job!

Click on the image to play the game.