Is there a better way to prove that you have a better product other than to compare it with your fiercest competitor? In the domain of producing Greek yogurt for the US market, Chobani is the leader. Yoplait was struggling with taking over a part of the market, and their latest strategy resorted to ‘attacking’ the competition in order to make their product more appealing.

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It seems as though the entire process was a piece of cake, as the brand claims that Yoplait Greek blueberry tastes better than Chobani blueberry and they proved it by filming the tastings. They have also translated this claim into statistical facts, saying that 65% of consumers like fruity Yoplait better than Chobani’s.

Yoplait has also crafted a digital campaign, where users are invited to share their experiences followed by a #TasteOff hashtag. You can even taste the difference by following the brand’s Tumblr Blog, GreekTasteOff, and by ordering a free taste-off kit. Check out the video below: