At a certain point in your life you must’ve been wondering what would happen if you were bold enough to change your job and work environment? Would that be a step forward or backward? Contrition isn’t helpful, yet again, we just can’t help ourselves to stop thinking that way. For all those who feel that way, here’s one small, but significant relief called “The Great Agency Adventure”, a project which aims to explore different creative transcendence, organizational cultures along with the deeper understanding of the advertising business by changing the work positions: 14 agencies in 14 months.

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Steve Taylor, a young copywriter, has initiated this compelling journey across America to work at various creative agencies around the country. So far, Steve has visited We Are Social in New York, Recess Creative in Cleveland, Ohio, Beamlanders in Boston, and he’s currently located at Redtettemer, Philadelphia. The motivation which sticks behind this project is to play around all of his crafts as well as to meet some interesting people who can change the way you think in just one hour. His plan is to focus on a small, boutique agencies rather than the big agencies which tend to be a lot more red tape.

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