What are synonyms to beauty and quality cosmetics other that France and thus, Sephora? Originating from the Greek noun for beauty — “sephos”, Sephora labels its self as a visionary beauty-retail concept.

Except its products, Sephora is also very well-known by its notable social media presence. Having over one million Twitter followers, 5M Facebook fans, almost one million Instagramians and over 200K Pinterest followers, it is still not enough as Sephora is set to launch a new social media platform, entitled Beauty Board. The main goal for the upcoming launch is to boost sales and consumer interaction. What we know about the platform at this moment is that users will be able to create their own profiles where they can upload and share photos and that Sephora stores will also have their designated profiles.

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You can check out this link if you would like to see a preview of other makeup styles and if you’d like to publish your own on Sephora’s website. The Beauty Board is also available on their mobile website and through iOS and Android apps. Photos can be shared on other social media networks, but for the moment, you can’t upload or “heart” photos without leaving your email address, so still no signup via any other social network.

Julie Bornstein, chief marketing and digital officer of Sephota Americas explained the concept: “The concept is that pictures are everywhere, and we know that beauty lovers love to see ideas for looks and products to buy, Beauty Board is taking a lot of what consumers at large are doing and making it more practical — a place for consumers to browse for inspiration and discover products to buy at sephora.com.”

Perhaps, Sephora’s marketing team felt trapped by the limitations of already set social media channels and decided that it was the perfect time to launch their own. With so significant online user base, this might even be an interesting thing to follow during 2014.