A retailer’s main goal has always been to attract new customers and make them stay longer in the store by creating the atmosphere of a home. So far, playing nice music in the store have been quite effective, but UNIQLO has come up with the great idea of mixing art and the joy of drinking coffee with shopping.

Therefore, UNIQLO’s new collection has been launched (in their Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan) with the help of the Museum of Modern Art. They renovated the space on the second floor and transformed it in, what seems to be, half gallery half coffee shop. Namely, the line of 200 exposed products, called SPRZ NY (surprise New York), were inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and others, and were made in collaboration with living artists. The first round of products includes t-shirts, jackets, bandannas and tote bags. The space was organized so that there were special corners with framed displays of items, so it didn’t lack a sense of being in a museum.

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The most interesting thing about the new space is that there’s a coffee shop available in the store, an in-store Starbucks, in fact. A full-service Starbucks is now being offered in the store, so that customers may take a break while shopping and then continue on more relaxed.

Chris Strickland, the manager at Uniqlo’s flagship store explained: “We want to have something to excite shoppers” (…) “With the explosion of e-commerce, a store needs to create something exciting that shoppers can’t get online. A collaboration is a way to strengthen different brands. We are trying to find the right partner to grow our brand and theirs. Starbucks and MOMA are iconic brands. Retailers need to create something exciting and almost entertainment.”

Images: MarketWatch, DuggalConnect