Eager to present his work to the wider audience, Peddy Mergui was fully aware the path must be paved with things common people meet in their everyday life. With “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” exhibition, he managed to place his art beyond art itself by revealing the truth each of us needs to think about.

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The unexpected merge of two worlds – one covered up with names like Versace, Apple, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other presented as a bag of groceries, brought us to a new dimension where shelves are full with Tiffany yogurt, Dolce & Gabbana biscuits, Ferrari pasta and Burberry noodles. By combining these two, this Israel-based artist pointed out the place designers have when ‘creating changes in product conception and values’, while wondering what is it about the look of a certain product or the mark on it that make us value it more.

According to SF Gate, Mergui finds that those who are purchasing designer labeled, luxury products, are those who are buying something they lack in themselves. The important thing is to remember that the artist isn’t criticizing these brands but all of us, including himself, for allowing such a superficial thing as a label to define our choices.

The exhibition will be open for visitors every day except Monday until June 15 at the San Francisco’s Museum of Craft & Design.


Photos: Peddy Mergui