To show the irony (and subsequent frustration) of designers being asked to draft the identities and creative materials for brands without finalized names, advertising creative Tiago Pinto decided to visualize the absurdity of this situation through distinguishable brands.

By pairing Latin words from the commonplace lorem ipsum drafting language with the aesthetic qualities of well-known brands, Pinto beckons the questions:  “Are we really able to judge how a logo will look like with a ‘fake’ naming? Or is this only possible because such exercise has been done with brands that are part of our lives for a long time so all the other cues as color, typography or iconography are enough for our brain to assume which brand are we talking about?”

Take a look at the images below and be sure to check out his full presentation.

lorem-ipsum-branding-1 lorem-ipsum-branding-2lorem-ipsum-branding-6lorem-ipsum-branding-3 lorem-ipsum-branding-4 lorem-ipsum-branding-5

Images: Tiago Pinto