James C. Taylor, a British native and New Yorker of seven years, is not happy with the gentrification of Manhattan. And who would be? New York City prides itself upon the diversity of its people and, as anyone who lives there knows, the neighborhood in which you reside has a personality (and brand) of its own. Unfortunately, this has all begun to slide away as more and more of the same brand names are appearing on every corner. Three to every corner if you’re Starbucks.

With this in mind, Taylor (a designer at Pennarello Design) depicts each neighborhood as its evil, corporate counterpart. Of the meaning behind his work, he states:

“The city that once prided itself on its contrariness to the rest of the United States now seems content to invite corporate America onto its shores, encouraging the very same monotony from which people used to come here to escape. Consequently, New York instead now attracts a very different kind of transplant: one that can continue to live a suburban existence surrounded by the familiar comforts of whatever town they came from.”

Clearly, he’s not happy. But take a look at his creations below and tell us if you too aren’t rubbed the wrong way.