Have you ever been interested in donating and helping the ones in need? Yet somehow, the time isn’t always on your side and you end up doing nothing about it? To prevent this omnipresent fact, Misereor, an organization that has been fighting for decades against poverty and injustice in the world, came up with the idea of creating an interactive charity donation billboard.

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The “Social Swipe” is a placard where you can swipe a credit card and immediately give to those in need. By swiping the card, an animation sequence is triggered in order to display how the donation would help to provide food for poor families or either free a child from imprisonment.

Sascha Hanke, the executive creative director at Kolle Rebbe explained the making-off-procedure: “It was a challenge. All processes connected with the donation had to be synchronized. When the card is swiped a secure process quickly authenticates it and in a split second activates a film sequence on screen”.

All props goes to the Hamberg-based agency Kolle-Rebe and Stripe.com, a leading mobile payment provider. So far, these billboards are available at several international airports. Check the video below: