Eager to present the future to the world Morphotonix, a Swiss-based company, completely understood, considering the legacy, it would just be wrong to do such thing through anything but chocolate. Without any expected craziness, given the futuristic approach and the novelty they are bringing in, the brand remained down to earth while presenting the worlds famous delight etched with edible holograms.

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With no stickers, additives or paint, all sparkly and elusive, they brushed this already surreal pleasure with a bit of magic. Created by manipulating light with a scratched or grooved surface, holograms have no effect on the candy’s taste or texture. And despite all odds, the whole process seems to be quite simple – the required structure should be etched into a metal master mold which is then used to create a plastic one the liquid sweet gets poured in. But although both dark and milk chocolate can be used, some turn out to be not suitable given their chemical composition.

The product should have been unwrapped at the Interpack packaging trade fair in Germany which ended just a couple of days ago. We can just hope they got enough green lights so that the magic dust could find it sprinkling way to many bars.