After a lifetime of existence and the fact that at some point along the journey they became world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, McDonald’s will launch the possibly simplest campaign ever probably thinking their success doesn’t need to be embellished any more – it’s saying just enough per se.

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Collaborating with TBWA Paris, the brand went with a quite minimalistic approach this time and presented a set of iconic illustrations which, with the use of simple shapes and just a couple of colors, got instantly recognizable. The pictograms of their most loved menu items – Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Fries, Sundae, Chicken Nuggets and Filet-O-Fish, will be popping all across France on more than 2700 outdoor displays starting June 2nd.

“There is no need to name these products, you immediately recognize them”, the agency headlined just a year ago when the idea of ‘Big 6’ was brought to life at a first place through a no logo, close-up food photography campaign. And after explaining how long speeches aren’t necessary because everyone knows what the brand’s food tastes like and stands for, they left no space for any other word. The simplicity and truthfulness of that single thought reflected the essence and the spirit of a campaign, after which nothing else should be said.

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