Despite the fact that it is absolutely unexpected and essentially and fundamentally the opposite to all the laws of business, one of the biggest bar chains in Tokyo invited people to drink less. Indicating there is a huge problem of drunk sleeping among Japanese people, who do not seem to be quite resistant to large amount of booze, they decided to start a campaign which will point out that what is considered as a socially acceptable behavior, shouldn’t be treated as such.

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In order to put a stop to this phenomenon, Yaocho and Ogilvy & Mather teamed up and by turning sleeping drunks into live human billboards, presented the result of their joint work as a sort of a public call for caution. With a frame of white tape and #NOMISUGI hashtag, translated as “too drunk”, while urging people to capture and share the scene, they made sure all those who did not know when to stop become the cross bearers marked as an eternal disgrace.

Although it is certainly commendable someone was willing to bring some attention to this mater, which is an issue undoubtedly, making fun out of people and shaming them that way however doesn’t seem to be an adequate approach.