Custom made tees are nothing new on the market, but the way of making one simply by using a smartphone surely must be.

The fashion clothing retailer Uniqlo decided to upgrade the standard way of doing printed T-shirts with an advanced technology aiming to make it easier for the consumers. They’ve launched a new service that allows the development of customized t-shirts through a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Called UTme! (which differs from “My Uniqlo”), this app lets you feel complete freedom in creating your original design, whenever the inspiration strikes. But How does it work?

The idea is simple. After downloading the app, you use your smartphone or a tablet to create a unique design you would like to see on your T-shirt (prints, text, photographs, graphic design) and place it onto a shirt your size, straight from your phone. Since we all strive to be unique in a some way, this is great way to wear something that has your personal touch on it.

If you run out of inspiration, but still want your T-shirt to stand out, you can always use special effects such as splashes, glitches or mosaics, but there’s one more thing which makes this app attractive: by shaking the phone, you apply random effects to the design you made, so it gives you more ideas and suggestions, even if you didn’t even think of them. There’s also an entire community dedicated to designs which users created where you can vote for the ones that you like.

So far, the printing service is only available in Japan and it charges you about $20 (1,990 yen) per shirt, and additional 450 yen for delivery. Let’s hope that the idea will be expanded other parts of the world as well.

Here’s the video on how to have fun with the app: