We are quite the believers about what the horoscope has to say about our personality, but we are rather blind to notice that our activity on social networks is also a good way to find out more about our nature. With this in mind, Cadbury was convinced that our social media profiles can identify us as an individual and serve as a tool to compare them with their chocolate flavors.

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Together with Red Interactive Agency, the brand has created the first flavor-matching, Facebook-powered vending machine named “The Joy Generator,” a machine that enables chocolate lovers to find out what Cadbury flavor they match: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Roasted Almond, Fruit & Nut, Rocky Road, Crunchie, Snack, Caramello, Turkish Delight, Top Deck or Black Forest.

A Facebook app called Flavour Matcher” that was used along the machine, was very clever to recognize the similarity and compare Facebook profiles with chocolate flavors. Passers-by on the streets of Sydney where the machine was located were curious to see how it will evaluate them and what flavor will they match up with.

The procedure itself was very easy: users logged in with their Facebook profiles and afterwards the machine calculated which flavor they match based on their social activity such as likes, interests, music, movies, brands and many others, and as a result, it delivered free chocolate from the vending machine.

When consumers got their chosen chocolate, the machine took a picture of the user with their chocolate and published it on Facebook to spread the joy. Check out the video below to see the machine in action: