A thing that’s called ‘a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world’, turned to be so much more that defined. As an initial link between millions of people in 190 countries and 34 000 cities, Airbnb become a congregation of all those who are sharing the same values and wishes when it comes to their vision of seeing a world. Aware of the fact people crave for home, for that feeling of belonging wherever they might be at the moment, the company directed all their efforts in order to provide exactly that.

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A huge brand redesign presented these days by DesignStudio, based on an ideology they stand for firmly, was built on an idea of connection and acceptance, an idea of changing a perception and feeling each place can be the one to call home, and a fact journey can provide more than just a solitude sightseeing – a sneak peek behind the curtains of a play where real life takes place.

“When we started, Airbnb was about the accommodation. Now we think of Airbnb as the entire trip,” said Airbnb product director Joe Zadeh in an interview for VentureBeat.

Despite that this step forward includes a website and mobile app redesign, with a lot of novelties such is a Wish List and the fact their platform now reflects costumers feedback, it all came down to Bélo – a symbol of belonging, as a carrier of brands basic stands and their latest ‘dress up’.

“It’s a symbol for people who want to try a new tea they’ve never heard of from a village they couldn’t find on the map. It’s a symbol for going where the locals go – the cafe that doesn’t bother with a menu, the dance club hidden down a long alleyway, the art galleries that don’t show up in the guidebooks. It’s a symbol for people who want to welcome into their home new experiences, new cultures, and new conversations”, is how they explained it.

In order to cultivate the spirit of individualism they tend to hold on to, the company invited anyone and everyone to create their own Airbnb sign and share their stories, claiming the brand’s identity can not be separated from all of you.

So, although the approach itself isn’t a novelty per se, the amount of commitment and devotion the brand poured into a single idea, idea that reflects a lifestyle, a philosophy and a dream which brought people together in this time of estrangement, deserves to be honored with a great respect.

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Photos:Design Studio