In the past couple of months we have read a lot about Bitcoins, and as far as the average person understands the concept, it might be possible that, in the near future, we can buy and sell in other currencies other than the ones that are tied with the state of origin. For some, this is still utopia, but in reality, people are already trading.

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So, why not invent a way people can trade without implicating the real money, and what does real money stand for nowadays? Nike has accepted the challenge and is daring New Yorkers to search for a specific vending machine that offers Nike merchandise. Created by agency Huge, the vending machine appears in secret locations all around New York and Nike is helping you find it via its Twitter feed.

But, what’s the catch? This vending machine doesn’t accept any money, obviously. The main currency at Nike+ FuelBox is a Nike+ FuelBand. If you are a proud owner of the FuelBand, find this vending machine, plug in your wristband and you are in for a treat — Nike rewards you with hats, t-shirts and socks.

Check out the photos below:

nike-vending-machine-image1 nike-vending-machine-image2 nike-vending-machine-image3